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How Much Money Do I Save with Solar Panels In The Summer?

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During summer, everyone tries looking for ways in which they can save their electricity bills as they keep their home cool and comfortable. Since most individuals tend to blast their air conditioners, the demand for power tends to increase significantly. Fortunately, with solar energy technology, you will be able to generate both heats as well as electricity; however, the technologies used differ significantly. Nowadays, there are two types of a solar technology systems that can be used to generate electricity or heat as well. These two solar technology systems are; PV panels and solar thermal heating. In this article, we shall be focusing on solar PV panels.


When it comes to using solar panels, you can save a significant amount of money, especially during summer, when the temperatures are high. In the United States, the average annual electricity consumption for a residential utility customer is approximately 10,972 kilowatts-hour per year; the average is 914 kWh per month. A typical American family uses $1,408 per annum on electricity. This means that with solar power running throughout the year, an average American family will save $1.408 annually. Due to that, we shall be discussing how much money do I save with solar panels in the summer.


Are solar panels ideal for saving money?

When talking about solar panels, we are talking about avoiding costs. This is the amount of money you would have spent while using utility electricity if you would haven’t installed a solar panel in your home. Solar panels are significantly essential when it comes to saving money. In fact, with power consumption increasing in your home, the amount of money you will save with a solar panel is incredibly high; this makes solar panels an incredible bankable investment return.


Nevertheless, the first step in which you can work out solar saving during summer is to figure out the amount of electricity you are currently using, the amount it costs, and the amount of electricity you are likely going to use during summer. With these details in place, you will be able to understand the amount of money you will save with a solar panel during summer.


A solar panel is perfect for use during summer

According to data collected by a professor at Colombia University and a retired NASA climate scientist James Hansen, the temperatures during summer have changed significantly. Between the years 2005 and 2015, approximately 60% of the analyzed area was categorized as hot, and approximately 15% were in a new category, extremely hot.


Nowadays, numerous cities in the United States are categorized as hot or extremely hot when compared to the mid-20th century. Within several states in the U.S, air conditioners are no longer luxurious items; however, it has become a fundamental item to living a normal life.


Increases in these temperatures are associated with global warming; fortunately, using solar panels aids in reducing your carbon footprint. With an increase in temperatures during summer, most individuals tend to look for ways in which they can cool their bodies. However, with power grid blackouts and a rise in power prices makes it difficult to sustain operating air conditioners and other vital electrical devices at home. In addition to suffering excessive perspiration or food spoiling in the refrigerators, researchers have proven that high temperatures can be as deadly as extreme cold, especially to the elderly, babies, or individuals with fragile health.


With more sunlight, it means more productivity. During summer, the days are longer, meaning more hours of sunlight, which is excellent news for individuals with solar panels. To avoid high bills and excessive perspiration as well as food spoiling in the fridge as a result of the blackout, you should consider switching to solar panels during summer months. You can make your home immune to summer outages making it an affordable solution considering that it is self-sufficient, meaning you will not have to spend money on purchasing gas or diesel to power your home.


Reap the benefits with solar panels

As you head into summer months, there will be plenty of sunny days; this means that your solar panel will work harder for you. With a powerful solar panel, you will be able to generate more than enough energy to power your home. When you install your solar panels, your home will remain connected to the power grid. All the unused energy produced by a solar panel is fed to a power grid, and your electricity provider will end up paying for you for that energy. This process is known as net metering. For instance, if you always pay $0.21 per kWh, then your electrical company will pay you $0.21 per kWh that you return to the grid. This can be used as a credit during winter months when the days become shorter, and your solar panel will not be providing ample supply of energy, unlike summer months.


Factors that will influence your savings

There are several factors that will impact the amount of money you can save with your solar panel. By learning more about these aspects will aid you in understanding more about things that influence your solar energy production during summer. In addition to that, you will be able to determine how faster the investment will quickly pay off. Some of these factors include;


· Solar panel. The size, as well as the efficiency of your solar panel, plays a significant role when it comes to the amount of energy it generates. This means that the more efficient a solar panel is, the more energy it will produce from the sunlight, thus offering long-term savings.


· Costs vs. saving. It is essential to know the amount of power you consume in your home, along with the cost of solar installation. These aspects have a significant impact on how soon you will recover your investment cost.


· Battery storage. If you prefer a system that stores energy in a battery and generates more power from the sunlight than you consume, you can end up selling this back to your grid. It will be best to keep this in mind when doing your calculations.


Final verdict

Since everyone loves saving money, using solar panels during summer months will help you to achieve this significantly. With electricity bills escalating, installing the right type of solar panels will aid you to save an incredible amount of money, particularly during summer months. As we conclude, we hope that this article will be of great benefit this coming summer month.