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Does Solar Energy in Florida Increase Home Values?

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Environmental pollution has been a matter of concern around the globe. People from different states are taking to install solar energy systems in residential and commercial buildings. The cost of solar panels in Florida has reduced by a wide margin in the last decade. The controversial solar amendment of 2016 shaped the future of solar energy in Florida, allowing solar companies in Florida to provide installation and maintenance of the systems at subsidized prices. You can read below to understand the relationship between solar panels and home value in Florida.

How the Solar Panel Raises the Value of a Home


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• Aesthetic value- When selling or buying a home, aesthetic beauty plays an important role in justifying the price in question. You can install the solar system on the roof to accentuate its beauty. For a large compound, you can set aside a part of your compound to install the system.

• Economic value- The installation of a solar energy system might cost a fortune. While selling the home, you can get a better price if you have a fully owned solar energy system. Homebuyers tend to refrain from purchasing homes with the leased solar energy system.

Advantages of Having Solar Panels

The advantages of solar panel systems in Florida are highlighted below.

• Lower Electricity Bills- The solar energy system will help you to utilize alternative sources of energy. No matter how many electrical appliances in your household, solar energy allows you to cut on the monthly electricity bills. Owners of solar panels in Florida can enjoy the value of net meters.

• It Saves Your Internal Space- unlike other home upgrades, the installation of a solar energy system does not consume the space of your home. You can use professional installers to ensure that the system is installed accurately to protect the roof.

Protects the environment– Solar energy contributes to saving the environment by reducing the rates of pollution. The reduction of burning fossil fuels cuts on the emission of greenhouse gases. Solar power in Florida is useful in cleaning the environment.

• You can earn from your neighbors- having a solar panel helps you to avoid making hefty bills for electricity. If you have a system that produces more energy than you can consume, you can distribute the power to your neighbors at a subsidized price.

Are There any Disadvantages to Solar Panels?

Solar panels are good in saving energy and reducing electricity bills but has these demerits.

• It requires a sunny environment. Solar energy requires sunshine to produce the energy needed to power your residence. You need to understand your neighborhood before installing a solar energy system. Sunshine makes solar energy in Florida efficient.

• The value is dependent on additional factors. The solar panels alleviate the value of your home. The value of homes in Florida is determined by the age of your system, the size of the system, and external factors like location.

• It is not ideal for all roof types- Solar panels are commonly installed on the roofs. However, the installation may not be suitable for cedar tiles and slate roofing. It would be best if you made adequate consultation to make the best installation for your roof type.

Selling a Home with Solar Power

Making the sale of a home with fully operational solar energy systems requires the tips below.

• Use the services of a reputable installer- the installation of solar systems requires the services of a reputable installer. Your installer can provide after-sales services like maintenance of your system. Buyers are likely to prefer a system installed and maintained by a certified team.

• Install the solar panels at strategic points- You can convince your buyer that the panels are part of the home through proper installation. Have the system installed at ideal locations, like the rooftop or a secluded part of the compound.

• Buy out or Transfer your lease- the homebuyer shall consider the ownership of your solar system. You can buy out your lease if your buyer does not need the system. If the buyer is willing to take the risk, you should transfer the lease within the legal guidelines.

• Use the help of an agent to make a faster sale- the real estate sales agents can help you to get a friendly deal for your home. For the best prices, you should enlist an agent that has made the sale of a home with a solar energy system in Florida.

• Ensure that the solar panels are in order- A home buyer needs to see that the panels are in perfect condition. Before listing your home for sale, you should run a routine check with the help of your installer to ensure that you can win the hearts of your buyers.

How to Buy a Home with Solar Panels


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You can follow the guidelines below to get a highly valued home at a friendly price.

• You can enlist the help of professionals- investing in real estate can cost you a fortune. To get the best value for money, you can use the services of home inspectors to find out if the solar system is in order. The agent can help you to renegotiate after the inspection.

• Quality of the solar energy system- The value of your home is determined by the quality of your solar energy system. You can understand the system installed in your prospective future home through extensive research and consultations.

• Is the panel Leased or Bought? – Most homeowners in Florida prefer to buy the solar power system. If you find a home with a leased system, you should consider the payable premiums. If the system was purchased on loan, you should not worry much as the price is covered.

• Your Energy Requirements- Your rates of energy consumption determine the size of your solar energy system. You should consider the amount of energy delivered by the system. If the system produces less energy, you should consider supplementing with electricity.

Solar panels are efficient in the provision of clean energy that does not pollute the environment. The solar panels in Florida are highly durable and can last for more than twenty-five years while still in perfect working condition. While making the sale or purchase of a home with solar energy in Florida, you need to consider immediate and long-term factors. If you reside in a less sunny location, you should use solar energy and electricity interchangeably.

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