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What are the Benefits of Switching to Solar Power in Arizona?

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If you are a resident in the Arizona area, there are massive benefits of going off-grid and installing solar power in your home or business. It is one area in the United States that has the most potential in the generation of solar energy. It is because it is the regions that receive most sunshine than any other place in the world.

Therefore, it is pretty apparent that installing choosing to rely on solar power in Arizona could potentially be the best decision. Consequently, we will take a look at the potential benefits you stand to gain when you decide to utilize Arizona solar for your energy needs both at home and in your business.

There are great incentives from the federal government

When you decide to go for solar panels in Arizona, the federal government can offer you a 30% tax credit. It gives this tax credit to all those people who choose to go off-grid and decide solar will be their primary source of electricity.

With the presence of excellent solar companies in AZ, you can get the most modern solar panels at very affordable costs. Therefore, you will be benefiting on two fronts, since you will be getting quality solar panels and reduced and heavily subsidized price.

25% in-state tax credit


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Apart from the tax credit from the government, the Arizona state government also offers solar tax incentives. This incentive is known as the solar energy credit and can save you up to $1,000 of the solar panel cost.

Look for one of the best solar companies in Arizona and have them calculate for you the solar panel cost. This will help you select the best solar panel best suited to your home needs. The government credit is excellent for several solar panel installations, and therefore getting one that will not drain you financially will enable you to maximize on savings.

Reduced water heating costs with solar power

One of the most significant portions of energy consumption in any home is water heating and especially in the coldest of months. When you install solar panels in your home, you can use this to heat water in your residence.

Therefore, during winter, the length of your showers will have less impact n your electricity bill. During the hotter months, be sure to see the energy usage drop considerably. Therefore, installing solar power in Arizona is beneficial not only for lighting purposes.

Financial savings on energy

Even though the initial cost of installing solar systems could be significant, it is nothing compared to the potential savings on utilities you will make when using solar power for your energy solutions.

The savings you make from your utility bills will go along way into paying back your initial investment. The savings you make can be utilized to improve other areas of your home. Solar has the capability of eliminating several utility bills, which will add to your savings in the long-term.

Arizona has more sunny days than any other state

The number of sunny days must be the first consideration people make before deciding to go for solar power. Therefore, if you are living in Arizona or are planning to move there, then this won’t be an issue.

The state has more than 299 days of sunny days per year, meaning that you can never be out of power at any time of the year.

Factoring in the fact that the sun isn’t going anywhere for the foreseeable future, you get an unlimited power supply source. Other sources of energy like oil are finite, while solar has the advantage of having an infinite power source- the sun. As fossil fuels become scarce, their price will increase. Going for solar will shield you from these future price fluctuations.

Solar panels have the potential to increase your home value


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Solar panels in Arizona can be incredibly lucrative for you in the long run. The current home buyers’ trends in Arizona are such that new home buyers are more likely to go for homes that have pre-installed solar panels. The value of your home could increase by 2-3 % just by having a solar panel installed.

Therefore, if you are planning on selling your home, having a pre-installed solar system could help maximize profit proceed from the sale of the house.

Excellent solar companies

The likelihood of finding the best solar companies in Arizona are high. Numerous top companies produce some of the best Arizona solar solutions. This means that you won’t be short of options when looking for one to provide the best installation services.

Because they understand the potential of the Arizona area, they invest so much in their technology advancement to assure you of a sound investment opportunity covering you for more than two decades.

With a large pool of solar companies in AZ, the price is therefore competitive and, therefore, friendly to the buyer. Together with the federal tax credits, the cost becomes relatively low compared to other states in the country.


Positive public relations for business

This is especially true for companies in Arizona state. When you chose Arizona solar solutions, your business will get a PR boost because of the notion of going green and saving the planet.

Modern consumers are susceptible to environmental issues, and producing your electricity will likely have you in the consumers’ good books. Therefore, you are likely to retain you, clients, while attracting a lot more.

Environmentally friendly and helps you reduce your carbon footprints

Investing in a solar power installation is an excellent way of cutting greenhouse gas emissions. You, therefore, take a massive step forward in protecting the environment from the effects of fossil fuels.

Therefore, as more people buy into the idea of installing solar systems, then the amount of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere will significantly reduce. It is because people will become less dependent on fossil fuels such as oil and coal for the production of energy. This effort could go along in conserving our environment for future generations.

If you have decided on going off-grid and switch to solar power in Arizona, there are many reasons why you should speed up the process. You cannot miss solar panels Arizona solutions in the state to get you up running as you begin the journey of utilizing the sun both day and night for your energy needs.

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